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​​​​St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Durham, North Carolina

1200 West Cornwallis Road
Durham, NC 27705-5731


Bible study can be an enriching opportunity for you. Studying the Bible helps us to know God. The Holy Spirit works as we read and study God’s Word and you will begin to grow in your knowledge of God.

Get involved! God has given you gifts–abilities, time, unique qualities, possessions–to build up the body of Christ and to care for the whole creation. Answering God’s call to ministry and discovering and using your gifts for these purposes can give joy and satisfaction to you and others.


New members will be welcomed into the community of St. Paul’s at various times throughout the year in groups affirming their baptism.

If you desire any further information, please contact the church office or Pastor Scott Anderson.

We will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Stay Informed and

Offer Support

Prayer with others at worship and privately will build and enrich your life with God. Think of prayer as "networking" with God to discern the heart of God. Be intentional about taking time to talk with God.

The Church is called to make and sustain


Read the information that is available–Parish Notes in the weekly bulletin, Cross Connectionswhich is the monthly newsletter, special mailings and announcements, bulletin board information, the web site, etc. Stay informed and make a concerted effort to support the staff and leaders. Be willing to offer your support in constructive and enthusiastic ways.

Make regular worship a priority in your life. Worship is at the heart of your spiritual journey and your relationship with God and with other church members.

Becoming a Member

Are you thinking about joining St. Paul’s and wondering what to expect and how to go about it? 
Or, perhaps you have already decided to join – what an exciting decision you have made! 
Joining St. Paul’s signifies that you are:

  • accepting God’s invitation to nurture a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, the head of the church
  • making a commitment to become interdependent with other members of the body of Christ
  • affirming that you intend to move forward on a journey of Christian growth and service

​Most people who join a church have high hopes and expectations of what membership will mean. 
You can find new friends, become involved, active, and a vital member of the congregation. 
But it is partly up to you!

Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you into new and exciting areas. As you worship, pray, study, serve, give, and support, you will discover unexpected blessings and the joy of sharing your faith with others. May each step you take help you to live faithfully and fully as a child of God.

"Doors" of Entrance

Grow in Faith


Be Open to the

Holy Spirit

Membership Transfer

Lutherans in good standing from another ELCA congregation can be transferred by letter from their previous congregation. To become informed about St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, it is recommended that you to attend the Inquirer’s Classes.


The Affirmation of Baptism for youth typically in grades 7-9 is referred to as Confirmation. Classes are held each week during the Sunday School time, with the pastor overseeing instruction, along with the Minister of Education and Youth.

Use Your Gifts