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Congregation Council Officers:

President -- Joan Albright
Vice President -- Katie Benjamin
Secretary -- Megan Cunningham
Treasurers --  Angela Maine, John Foreman
Financial Secretaries - Rod Runestad, Phil Hart

Congregation Council Members:

Joan Albright

Megan Cunningham

Mike Mauriello

Katie Benjamin

Jayce Getz

Emily Pauline

Ken Knudsen

Michelle Meadors

Steve Mzyk

1200 West Cornwallis Road
Durham, NC 27705-5731


Get to know our Committees, groups and partnerships
Nine of our committees and/or groups at St. Paul's, as well as our Preschool/PMO, have uploaded videos to our Vimeo Website.
They are short explanations of how the groups function and they offer opportunities for all of us to participate with them.  You can view these videos at
Each group that prepared videos at this time are:

We hope to have more soon. Please check out the videos.
Pastor Scott

​​​​St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Durham, North Carolina