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You may park anywhere! On Sundays, all major doors will be unlocked during the beginning of services. During the week, you will find the main entrance off the Pickett Road side locked but there is a doorbell to the right on the brick wall by the mailbox.

  • You may enter the downstairs from the double doors under the canopy. This also leads to the elevator and stairway up to the main hallway. In the mail hallway are bulletin boards which contain information from our  organizations and groups.
  • Restrooms everywhere -- all handicap accessible. Downstairs, the ladies' room is down the hallway left of the main entrance and the men's room is to the right. There is a children's restroom between the two nursery classrooms.  Upstairs, the main restrooms are across from Trinity Hall, with additional single rooms located in the library and off the parlor (both of these contain a baby changing station).
  • Offices are located in the hallway across from Trinity Hall. The reception office is located across from the entrance to Creation Garden where the carpet and chairs are in the atrium.  The information credenza is at this doorway. The bulletin board outside the reception office is where to look for announcements and sign-up reservation sheets.
  • Mailboxes are in the reception office and the copy machines are in the work room behind the reception office.

Welcome to St. Paul's! 

We are grateful you are taking the time to learn about our community. 

St. Paul writes, So then you are no longer strangers, but you are members of the household of God, built upon a foundation with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone. (Ephesians 2)

We hope you will visit and worship with us.  All are welcome!

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​​​​St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Durham, North Carolina

Child Care on Sunday mornings!

We have an attendant, Courtney, on Sunday mornings who will care for your small children so parents and older children may attend Sunday School and worship. She will be available during the 8:30 service and the 11:00 service. Care will take place in the Parlor which is the room between the atrium and Whitesell Fellowship Hall.

1200 West Cornwallis Road
Durham, NC 27705-5731

  • 8:30 am and 11:00 am Worship -- 8:30 is in person only, 11:00 is in person, live streaming, and recorded to our Vimeo account for viewing at your convenience. All current links are listed on the home page.
  • Adult Sunday School -- Classes are held  from September into May. Please refer to the home page of this website for class information or changes in schedule. 
  • Youth and children will meet downstairs in the Youth Room and Genesis Hall on Sundays from September into May.